New Leader Decisions

New Linkshell Rules/Regulations/Community Guidelines by Meekiyah
First, I want to say thank you all for being loyal supporters of your Linkshell! We want to proceed into the future with bigger, better ideas to make SoS as great as it possibly can be.

The sackholders will now be meeting weekly to discuss any and all linkshell issues, and ways to improve performance. We want this LS to be a perfect balance of Social and Endgame, but in order to do that, we have to implement some form of structure. I know change is not easy, and it can be frustrating. But once everyone can see how it improves the linkshell as a whole, we believe that we have nowhere to go but up!

First, linkshell community guidelines:

There are now 8 sackholders in SoS. Each sackholder is there to support the LS and it's members. We will all be monitoring LS chat as well as posts in the forums looking for any issues that may need to be addressed in our meetings. However, if you have an issue you'd like to inform us of, PLEASE DO SO! We want everyone to know that their opinion is valuable. Any issues need to be discussed with a sackholder in /TELL ONLY! Please do not bring up issues in LS chat that may cause an argument or heated debate. Send a tell, message, or private message on the forums to any one of the sackholders and we will discuss your issue with you as best we can. If needed we will bring the issue up at our next meeting so that a decision can be made by the leaders.

Next, we have implemented changes on how our DM2 runs will be handled, as well as other LS events.

Party setup and Rotations:

With the LS growing, and more people getting clears and properly geared up, we now know that it is time to have some structure to how we select people for events. In the past we never had these issues, most of the time we had to shout for pugs to fill spots in our runs. But now that more and more people are available to go, we are going to end up with too many people and not enough spots! So how can we make this fair for everyone? How can we make sure that everyone gets a chance to attend events? This is where the website really comes into play.

Alliance and Party setup will be picked by signing up for each event via the website. Each LS event will be on the calendar at least 1 week in advance. You will have all week up until 1 hour before Gather Together time. At that time, sign ups will be cut off and the attendees will be notified. If we have more people than allowed in party setup, we will then implement the rotation. Some members will go on our first run, some will go on the second run, and anyone who wants to go twice ill have to roll (/random) for a chance at the second run. So, when posting on the site, you will have to list your jobs available, and which runs you are available to attend. Some people may only have time for 1 or the other, or both.

Let me take that into a bit further detail. For example:

When I sign up for an event, particularly this system is for Dm2, I am going to post like this...

Meekiyah: Can take WHM, RNG, or DRG. Am available for 2 runs.

So now, the event leader knows what jobs I can bring, and the runs to consider me for.

1 hour before Gather Together the event leader will begin making the list to prepare for party setup. The first 18 ppl signed up on the site will be invited first, according to jobs. However if we have too many of one job (say 3 PLD's) then one of those or more will need to change to a different job, or wait for the second run. (Having more than 1 job endgame ready will help you get spots much more easily!!)

Once all have been invited, if there are still spots open for 1st run, we will announce in LS how many and what jobs we need. It will be first come first serve on who gets invited this way.

Once the 1st run has completed, everyone will drop party. The people who signed up for event for 2nd run will be invited first. Then after, those who went on 1st run, but wanted to attend 2nd also, will then roll eachother to fill spots. The highest roll-lowest will be invited in order until spots re filled. If we still have open spots after that, we will once again announce in LS to fill remaining spots.

If you came to the first run and DID NOT MERIT to be prepared for a second run you will NOT BE INVITED until all other spots have been filled first.

The last issue that we discussed as leaders was implementing a probationary period for new members to be able to lot on big item drops during events. We have come to a decision, and we WILL be putting a 1 WEEK PROBATION on all newcomers to the LS. During that time you may not lot on any weapons/gear that are /seacommed by other members. YOU MAY still lot on any weapons/gear that are deemed free lot, and any synth materials, tales, or trash drops (spells, crystals, plutons, etc.) With the new members arriving in the LS daily, we have to make sure that we weed out the new people who are coming in to get drops and then leaving for another shell.

If you have any questions or comments, leave them below, or contact one of the sackholders in game.


An Awesome Visit from our Wonderful Leader, Magikalkatz!

We Need You!

Vote for what YOU want to see on the calendar!! by Meekiyah
All right SoS Ladies and Gentleman! We NEED YOU! We want your feedback on what you want to see the LS doing weekly!

Vote for what events you'd like to see happen on a regular basis, then post in the comments what nights and times you think each event should be set on!

We will tally up votes and set the schedule up to try our best to accommodate everyone!


This is a SOCIAL Linkshell that participates in ENDGAME events! Having a weekly set up of events DOES NOT MEAN that you have to attend every single one!

We are not in any way trying to own your time! We want a steady range of events running daily so that everyone has a chance to feel included and participate!

Everyone's opinion is important! Please embrace some LS Spirit and tell us what you think!!!

Ceizak Bee Clear!

Delve 1.0~2.0 by Meekiyah
Congrats to those who got the clear Friday night! We all did a great job, TEAMWORK!!


Welcome to SOS

A Welcoming Rant from SOS Co-Leader Aaniss by Aaniss
Ok, Simply because what I have to say is general!

First I'll start by saying Thank You for choosing SoS. We are a fun SOCIAL LS with an End Game Twist. We do events to keep it interesting! If your looking for a social LS you have come to the right place! SoS is one of Bahamuts oldest LS's! I did not create SoS nor did Bonime or any other leaders you see in the shell. However we did promise our very good friends who did create SoS that we would keep it social/end game. So be social play social and have fun.

With that being said, I'll move on to SoS's End Game category!
Looking for a fun LS to run some end game with while keeping a social environment? Again SoS is the spot! We do many different events and are trying to fit in more! Old stuff, New stuff, Fun stuff.

Unfortunately EG (End Game) content requires certain jobs to be leveled skilled and brought to the event! These new fights and KI battles require jobs and skills that have to be fit into the alliance. If all you have is 2 or 3 jobs and the party set up does not call for them then we can not take you. It SUCKS! I know! All of us want to see everyone in the LS get a chance at a "clear" or a "fight" but ya got to give a little to get a little.

Meaning, for instance
You see the ls is short on a job needed for EG, try something new. Get on a job that you might think you'll like or we might need for the "runs" and try that bad boy out! Ya never know you might like it!
If you looking for someone to pt with, some of us still enjoy leveling jobs the "old school" way. Other ideas include book burns or Abyssea party's, where we can all get the grind out together.

If you want to roll with the big dogs, ya gotta dress like the big dogs!
We're not not taking you because we don't want you around . You may think that we don't "need" you? NOT TRUE!  SoS needs all its members! Old members, New members and Future members to come!
The new EG content requires all of us to have 109~119 Gears and Weapons. Need help getting it? Ask us! If your serious about gearing up jobs you here us asking about for EG, I know i will try damn hard to get you there!
Your job and availability to us in an EG situation is crucial.
If you want to be social in your job choices and leveling then (and this sucks) all your gonna get is social play. That's all right! Nothing wrong with some fun.
-We're not trying "force" or "make" you level a cretin job to come to an event! The ones that are needed we need to take. Again this sucks! At the same time we are also looking for the win!
don't take this the wrong way, it just means your not EG ready. Some of us can be social and be EG at the same time. 
-If you don't want to level or try something different in your game playing then stay social! Chat all day Party all night!
Clearly shows that you want to be a social butterfly doing your thing.
don't take it out on the leaders when we don't take you. If you don't have what the alliance is looking for then please don't think we have to take you.

So in closing please don't think I'm hating on you or being plain mean. I'm a big teddy bear that likes to see others happy!

Thank you all who joined!

Events by Meekiyah
Tailgate Party after the Ceizak Delve run 4/14/14 :) Thanks to all who came out!


Old School Content

Missions by Meekiyah

Eozen and I are running our alt chars (Lileoz and Lilmeekers) through CoP. We will be burning through them as fast as possible. If you are stuck on a fight, let us know and you can jump in with us. We are doing it QUICK though so be ready to go when we are or we are just gonna jump on it without you. We are starting Mission 1 today, I will keep this post edited and updated when we progress so you"ll know when to jump in if needed. /tell me in game AND post your info on here.

What's New?

April Update is upon us!




See full page here:


SoS News!

DMv2 Run 4-27

DM2 by misora
Here's a video of today's DM2 that I recorded. I was hoping to record our 4th win, but this can be used as a learning experience instead.
Overall, we did pretty good and managed to recover from some initial deaths and even got another RNG Body for Spawk!

Btw, the recording program really slowed down my computer, which is why I was running into walls and the cursor was skipping over my intended targets/macros (even accidentally hit convert right in front of AA EV at one point lol).

Make sure to watch in full screen and 1080p resolution so you can actually read the text.


Get A JSE!

New JSE by Meekiyah

Location: Port Jeuno - (E-6)
Type: Other NPC
Description: 119 Job Specific Equipment and 119 REM (Relic, Empyrean, Mythic) Upgrade NPC

Must have:
Beaten any one of the 10SKCNM or 20SKCNMs on the "Difficult" or "Very Difficult" setting.
Beaten any High-Tier Mission Battlefields on “Normal” or above difficulty.

AKA: Easiest to get

a Fracture Megaboss Clear
A Macro Fight Difficult clear<~~Best/fastest way!

To be able to upgrade/acquire.

JSE weapons require either: (any one of these 3)
150 Plutons
150 Riftborn Boulders
150 Beitetsu

AND One Material (High level boss drop, best bought on AH for 4-6mil) (Diff for each weapon, check Oboro for which you need)

AND 2 weapons of the same type as the one you are acquiring ( ea: 2 polearms, 2 daggers.) (Check Oboro for which you need)

Post pics of the weapons you get! Good luck to all!

DJ Meeks In Da House



jesterspirit: Hey guys! looks like some peeps are still login once a Jan 9, 2015 9:38:30 GMT -5
jesterspirit: Just wanted to say hi to the linkshell, hope you guys had a nice christmas and wish y'all a happy new year :D Take Care everyone!!! Jan 9, 2015 9:39:31 GMT -5
klutzy: anyway of deleting the old posts on here and starting some fresh ones? Jan 16, 2015 12:04:39 GMT -5
jesterspirit: You mean on the forum K? Jan 18, 2015 18:34:20 GMT -5
jesterspirit: If so, you click on forum, then on a thread (i.e. General Discussion) and then "Create Thread" on the upper right of your screen. Jan 18, 2015 18:35:58 GMT -5
Heia: Heya, If anybody remember my name a long time to see, well was bored and looking see who all still played. So Hi from a old ls member and glad to see sos still going ^^ Later Jun 17, 2015 7:43:07 GMT -5
shione: hiya heia long time so see :P Jul 20, 2015 20:28:52 GMT -5
Zebracake: I miss all of you!!! I really miss the great times we had together! Here's to the veterans of SoS. Long live Ozilla and Grath (love and miss you guys forever) Stop by in game and say hello everyone, I would love nothing more than to see everyone back 2gthr Sept 20, 2015 1:01:27 GMT -5
Heia: O.O Shione!!! Poke! and yea Long time. Oct 9, 2015 5:26:12 GMT -5
shione: wow i need to look on here more frequently lol Nov 1, 2015 16:21:14 GMT -5
shione: huggles Heia Nov 1, 2015 16:21:22 GMT -5
shione: we have been looking for u heia katz bo and the rest miss u lots we are on 14 gilgamesh some of us are still on 11 as well come say hello :) Nov 1, 2015 16:21:47 GMT -5
shione: huggles zeb :D Nov 1, 2015 16:22:12 GMT -5
Heia: lol yea things came up so i quit 11 don't even remember my stuff for the account anymore. but when ff14 came out for the ps4 beta i started playing for a year and a half quit after maxing everything at 50 then restarted 2 half weeks ago. Nov 2, 2015 13:45:14 GMT -5
Heia: If anybody remeber me and want to chat easy my psn is deathbypoison. Nov 2, 2015 13:55:13 GMT -5
heia: now that almost makes me want to server jump right their~ Nov 2, 2015 14:13:58 GMT -5
Heia: Shione, you need to get on more often, is server jump off I'd know your charters names Nov 6, 2015 7:03:22 GMT -5
Meekiyah: I miss thisssss <3 :) Jan 1, 2016 18:36:25 GMT -5
Jesterspiritt: 2 years later.....no1 coming here anymore? :'( May 30, 2017 8:33:04 GMT -5
Meekiyah: I'm on Nasomi!!! Jan 16, 2020 18:23:14 GMT -5
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